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Terms & Conditions When you visit the website, every time you make your purchase, it is assumed that you are familiar with and accept the terms of use, which we will present in more detail below. Please read them carefully.


In order to be able to successfully process your order, you need to provide us with information such as name, address, e-mail and contact phone number.

With this information, we will be able to efficiently deliver the desired goods and inform you about the current status of the order.

All user data is strictly kept, available only to employees who need this data to do the job. We are committed to protecting the privacy of all users.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION guarantees the quality and origin of its products.

You get a 24-month warranty on appliances, essential oil diffusers, the warranty only applies to engine malfunctions and will not take into account malfunctions due to improper maintenance of the appliance itself as well as physical breakdowns. For this reason, it is important to read the appliance maintenance manual. in Serbian, which is attached to each device. We also provided service, spare parts and cleaning of the appliance head in case the operation of the appliance is impaired due to improper handling, service services are 1500 RSD. It is necessary to save the invoice and warranty card that you receive when buying a nozzle.

We try to give as accurate a description as possible for all products on the site. Each product is presented with the text and photo of the product. If you have additional questions about the product, you can contact our customer service.


All prices shown on our site are expressed in dinars, including VAT.

We undertake to deliver the product at the price you were informed of when confirming the order, and any changes in the prices of specific products you have ordered will not affect the value of the purchase you made.

Depending on the final value of the order, transport costs are included in the price. The price on the site does not include additional costs related to the services of the Serbian Post for cash on delivery.


For the transport of our products, we use the services of the courier service POST EXPRESS and the price of transport is calculated on the website according to the weight of the shipment and the official price list of the Serbian Post. To the price that is shown in the order itself, it is necessary to add the purchase price and the service that the Serbian Post charges.


The products you order through the website are packaged in a way that protects the integrity of the shipment (transport packaging), unless otherwise stated, for example, holiday shopping where decorative materials are used during packaging or for special packaging of your choice if it is gifts. For this type of packaging, it is necessary to emphasize in the note when ordering.


You can download the goods you ordered on the site as follows:

The goods are delivered via courier service to the address you specified as your address when registering on the site.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! We recommend that you determine the status of the shipment before picking it up.

It is very important that you state all the damage in transport visible on the transport packaging before taking over the shipment. If you notice damage to the transport packaging, ask the courier to wait for you to open the shipment and check if the damage to the shipment has also caused damage to the delivered items.

If you fail to determine the damage before collection, we recommend that you contact the courier service that delivered the package within 24 hours of delivery to compile a damage report. By following this procedure, your rights will be protected in the most efficient way.


Cash on delivery: cash on delivery POST EXPRESS courier service, upon delivery. On that occasion, you pay the shipment in cash to pay the courier who delivers the shipment.



Our main goal is to establish a relationship of trust with you and provide service in everything according to your wishes and needs. The customer is generally satisfied with our products and service is our primary goal.

If you still happen to be dissatisfied with the delivered product, we will do our best to resolve the complaint in accordance with the applicable legal norms.

For all questions and concerns you can contact us via e-mail


If after picking up the shipment:

1. establish that a product that you did not order was delivered by mistake; or

2. establish that by mistake, in addition to the product you ordered, the product you did not order was delivered and invoiced; or

3. if for some reason you have changed your mind and given up the purchase;

you have the right to return the disputed products, and we will refund the money paid for the price of the product or exchange the product for another product, at your request.

The conditions under which we will enable a refund in this way are as follows:

1. the goods you return to us must be unpacked and unused;

2. no more than 21 days have elapsed since the day the goods were delivered 

3. you have packed the product before transport in an adequate way that reduces the risk of its damage during transport,

4. You have enclosed with the product all the documents that were handed over to you during delivery (cash invoice, delivery note, etc.). will confirm the receipt of a shipment that meets the condition for a refund and within 14 days of receipt of a valid item will return the amount paid - the cost of the product.


- shop is not responsible for damage that occurs because the items you want to return were not properly packed before transport. It is possible that the product will be delivered to us as a result of damage and you will not be able to exercise your right to a refund. Please pack the products you want to return in an adequate way.

- In accordance with legal norms, you are obliged to bear the costs of return.

CHANGES TO THE GENERAL CONDITIONS reserves the right to change all the above conditions.

Users will be informed about all changes to these general terms and conditions via the website, on the PURCHASE CONDITIONS page. It is considered that the users are acquainted with the changes of the general conditions during each subsequent order.